Nucleus Kernel Hotmail MSN Password Recovery

Nucleus Kernel Hotmail MSN Password Recovery 4.03

Nucleus Kernel Hotmail MSN Password Recovery: free and small application

Nucleus Kernel Hotmail MSN Password Recovery is a free and small application that offers the posibility of recovering Hotmail MSN forgotten or lost passwords in an effective and fast manner.
Users normally have more than one email accounts that will be used in different moments. Usually, user names and passwords are distinct for each email account, for identification purposes, but they are rather difficult to remember all of them, specially when they aren't often used. Those data are normally saved by the user to the PC system, which is not very safe.

Once in a while, user login or password (or both) can be lost or even forgotten, and there's no way to reach determinated accounts.

This free and small application is good help for these situations, since it lets the user to recover that sensible data from the MSN Hotmail email accounts.

The program makes an scan for identifying the different user MSN Hotmail accounts and displays all of them with their corresponding data in a list, so user can copy them to the system clipboard and use them on the fly.

The application presents a simple but useful interface to show immediately all the accounts passwords, without the need of selecting options neither elements.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very small, free and useful tool for password recovery


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